TerryScalia.com-1Hello, and Welcome to Where Angels Sleep!

My name is Terry Scalia and I have been an ET Experiencer since 1980. I was in my early 20’s, a single mother of two beautiful daughters, and living in San Diego, CA.

It began when I started having strange experiences with several beings, visiting my bedroom late at night. I have been told that some of these beings were, what are commonly known as, the greys. But one was very different. She contacted me again in 1986 and over time I learned that she is my Guardian, my teacher, and she remains an important part of my life today.

Like many Experiencers, I never felt like I fit in. I would look at people (and still do sometimes) and say to myself…What am I doing here!?! Who are these people!?! I constantly felt “home sick” but didn’t understand what I was home sick for. Feeling very out of place and lost, I didn’t understand why everyone I knew didn’t see the world as I did. I was labeled as “weird” very early on and that was strange to me because that’s how I saw everyone else!

The visitation I had in 1986 was the beginning of my “awakening”, my understanding of who I am and why I felt the way I did. It eventually lead me out of the ET closet and making the decision to go public with my story. This decision has not been an easy one but after being given more of the puzzle pieces into who I am, I found that I really had no choice. I came here as part of a mission that I volunteered for. And this mission is to help those, who are ready, to remember who they are and the vital role they play in helping raise their consciousness and those around them.

The message is simple yet so powerful that it can change the course of our lives! Are you ready to “remember” who you really are?

Terry Scalia, B.Msc.