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Channeled Message for St Augustine Retreat 12/06/15

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I had the pleasure of attending an amazing retreat in St. Augustine this weekend! My awesome friends, Katerina and Igor have a beautiful B&B called The Paradisi Place in the heart of St Augustine, just a five min walk from St George St.

They invited me, along with eight other amazing people (and a few visitors who stopped by to attend or present some of the workshops), to join them on an beautiful spiritual weekend.  We had many workshops presented by very talented and gifted people. I witnessed many miracles and made some amazing new friends!

I was asked to give a presentation along with a channeled message from my Guardian.

Here is that message.

Blessings to you, our Brothers and Sisters. We are honored to be able to speak to you this day.  First and foremost we wish to thank you for your service. We are honored to be able to help you with your work in guiding the evolution of your planet to a more positive vibration. This is not the first time that some of you have chosen to participate in this type of shift and it is an exciting time for you, as well as for us. Many of you can feel the energy changes on a weekly and often times, daily basis.  Some of you find yourself wondering, “When is this shift going to happen? We have been hearing about this for such a long time.” We are here to say, it is not going to happen next year, next month or even tomorrow. It is happening now as we speak. Everything is in place and unfolding in Divine order.

Some of you wonder what your role is in this awakening game. You are frustrated because you cannot seem to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. You know you came here to play an important part but are not clear on what that part is. You ask yourself, “Should I teach, mediate more, wear this crystal or that? Should I take this workshop or that workshop? Get certified in this, or that?”“How do I know what the right thing to do is?”

There is no right or wrong choice and there is no certification for being what you already are! If you do nothing but exist then you are doing the right thing. For many of you, it is your light that you bring to your world. It is your light that will be used to show the way for those who are lost in the darkness. Shine the way with your unconditional love, and acceptance for all living things. Most of you, some call you “Light Workers”, are here to be way showers.” But how do I be a way shower?” It is simple, live your life from the love space of your heart. Love and respect yourself first and foremost, and then love all your brothers and sisters, respecting the roles that they have chosen to play, love Gaia in all her magnificence for she too has chosen to play a role in this game, she too has made many sacrifices in order to help you evolve. Also, do not forget the plants and animals in your world as they too have worked hard in creating a beautiful place for you to play your game. It is in loving and respecting all things that your light will shine.

Those who have chosen to live in darkness understand on a soul level that their role has nearly come to an end and they will begin to seek out the light…let that light be yours. You will find that people want to just be around you. It is your energy, your unconditional love that they are drawn to. Love them and teach them about the light by example.

Many of those who live in the dark want your company. They want to keep you in fear because when you are living in fear your light will dim. They are on your televisions, on your internet; they are your neighbors and co-workers. They tell you things like, “don’t eat or drink that; don’t listen to this person or that person, read this book but not that book.  I was given the answers so listen only to me”. They wish to keep you focused on the negative. They do not want you to understand that you are co-creators who are powerful enough to create a beautiful, loving world or in turn, a world full of chaos and negativity. But do not show disgust or anger towards these people for they have a very important role in this game that you ALL play. They are the ones who bring balance to your world. How will you know what you want if you are not exposed to what you don’t want?

This shift that you are experiencing is not unique to your planet. We also have experienced the same because we were once exactly where you are at this very moment. We are much older than you and have been through many more shifts such as yours. We are, ourselves, going through our own shift at this time so we understand what you are experiencing. Like you, we are the light bearers for those whose lights are not as bright as ours. We are the light bearers for your planet and for you as a collective. We are here to help guide you, as a whole, out of your darkness into the loving light of the Source that created all things.

Many of us, as well as other beings, have chosen to take on Earth bodies in order to work closer with you. There are millions of brave souls who have, since your existence, volunteered for this mission and it has not been an easy decision to make. Our volunteers knew that they would have to forget who they were in order to fully experience being human without any influence from their source family. Some have not been able to complete the mission because they found life on Earth to be too difficult.

This lady, who speaks to you, our sister, has experienced this with several of her lives. But she is a warrior and has come to the point where she was given the gift of remembering who she is in order to start the next phase of her mission. This has taken many, many lifetimes as there are millions of human experiences that needed to be learned in order for her to come to this point.  Many of you are volunteers such as her. Know that you are deeply loved, protected, and admired for the sacrifices you have made and are currently making in order to carry out your own mission, whatever that may be for you.

We want you to know that when you gather together in groups such as this, you are in fact finding each other once again. You have a strong connection whether you are from the same race or not as we are all one with the Divine Source that created all that is. Gather in groups as much as you can as it helps to recharge your batteries, so to speak, giving you strength, support and courage to continue carrying your light. A light that guides the way for others whose lights are not as bright as yours. Love, nurture and support them along their path as we, and others like us, are doing for you at this very moment.

Know that you are loved and valued more than you can ever know. We are always with you as we are in this together, for we are one. One light, one love, one consciousness.


In deep admiration, we leave you in Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you.


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