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Channeled Message for St. Augustine Retreat 3/4/2016

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March 7, 2016

I gave a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine, FL on March, 4 2016. Below is the channeled message I received for the group.

Greetings, our brothers and sisters. We are pleased to be able to speak to you this day. We are of the Pleiadian race and we wish to help you understand how beautiful and loved you all are. We wish you to understand how powerful and amazing you are and we wish you to understand that you hold the power within you to create the most amazing life that you can imagine!

Many of you go about your daily lives and do not know that what you are experiencing, you have created. You find yourself in unpleasant circumstances and blame others or blame God for you being there but what you don’t understand is that you have created these circumstances in order to experience them. Yes, even negative experiences have been created by you for experience purposes.

Many don’t want to hear that and will become angry that we are saying this but that is okay. Let us explain what we mean so that you might understand better.

You have heard that, “Life is a game”. That is a commonly excepted term within your Spiritual communities. This is just a game that you chose to participate in, in order to learn lessons or to work through karma. Yes and no. Let us explain.

Your planet, along with millions of others just like it, is where light beings, like yourself, go in order to experience all that the planet and the dimension it exists in, has to offer. Yes, it is a game but within that game are billions of micro games that you have also created and are creating. You live multiple lives within this game and in each life you pick and choose which of these micro games you wish to experience.

Maybe you will experience being a man or a woman, being wealthy or poor or experience illness or depression or fame or even being a ruthless dictator. You want to experience it all but you can’t in one lifetime so you break it up into many. And while you are immersed in this life, experiencing these micro games, you are completely unaware that these games even exist. You feel that you have no control over what happens to you or what life will bring you. That it is all random and you are just dealt the hand that life throws at you and you must muddle through the best you can and hope you come out on top, in the end. To you it is real and you have one chance to get it right because in the end your choices will determine whether you go to heaven or to hell.

Then, after many, many lifetimes, the moment comes when you discover the Game and after many years and much contemplation, you finally understand that YOU are the creator of this game! That everything that has happened to you was in fact created by you. When you truly see that and fully comprehend it, that’s when the real fun begins! You now understand that you have the power to create beautiful, positive experiences in your life. That your life is anything BUT random and that you have complete control of how it turns out!

But how do you do that? You create them as you go. From one day to the next, from one moment to the next. Imagine the life you want and then create it one step at a time. Yes, there will be residual unpleasant experiences that will find their way into your new creations but now you are better equipped to deal with them because you see them for what they are and you can make them work for you in a positive way. They are still valuable experiences, as you would not have brought them into your reality, if they did not serve some purpose for you, even if they were just created to remind you to stay on track.

Here is what we propose to you. When you wake up in the morning, before you climb out of your bed, ask yourself, what experience will I create for myself today? See your day, imagine how you want it to be. That is how creation happens, with a thought and then the motion behind that thought, moving the creation into being. At the end of your day, look back at what you have created. Did it turn out as you planned? Maybe yes, maybe somewhat, maybe not at all. It is all beneficial no matter the outcome as you are doing what you came here to do, create.

Now when you are gathered with likeminded souls, such as you are today, the power of creation is multiplied immensely! Take advantage of this opportunity to create amazing experiences for yourself, for each other and for your world! The possibilities are endless!

In deep admiration, we leave you in Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you.

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