Channeled Message for St. Augustine Retreat 3/4/2016

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March 7, 2016

I gave a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine, FL on March, 4 2016. Below is the channeled message I received for the group.

Greetings, our brothers and sisters. We are pleased to be able to speak to you this day. We are of the Pleiadian race and we wish to help you understand how beautiful and loved you all are. We wish you to understand how powerful and amazing you are and we wish you to understand that you hold the power within you to create the most amazing life that you can imagine!

Many of you go about your daily lives and do not know that what you are experiencing, you have created. You find yourself in unpleasant circumstances and blame others or blame God for you being there but what you don’t understand is that you have created these circumstances in order to experience them. Yes, even negative experiences have been created by you for experience purposes.

Many don’t want to hear that and will become angry that we are saying this but that is okay. Let us explain what we mean so that you might understand better.

You have heard that, “Life is a game”. That is a commonly excepted term within your Spiritual communities. This is just a game that you chose to participate in, in order to learn lessons or to work through karma. Yes and no. Let us explain.

Your planet, along with millions of others just like it, is where light beings, like yourself, go in order to experience all that the planet and the dimension it exists in, has to offer. Yes, it is a game but within that game are billions of micro games that you have also created and are creating. You live multiple lives within this game and in each life you pick and choose which of these micro games you wish to experience.

Maybe you will experience being a man or a woman, being wealthy or poor or experience illness or depression or fame or even being a ruthless dictator. You want to experience it all but you can’t in one lifetime so you break it up into many. And while you are immersed in this life, experiencing these micro games, you are completely unaware that these games even exist. You feel that you have no control over what happens to you or what life will bring you. That it is all random and you are just dealt the hand that life throws at you and you must muddle through the best you can and hope you come out on top, in the end. To you it is real and you have one chance to get it right because in the end your choices will determine whether you go to heaven or to hell.

Then, after many, many lifetimes, the moment comes when you discover the Game and after many years and much contemplation, you finally understand that YOU are the creator of this game! That everything that has happened to you was in fact created by you. When you truly see that and fully comprehend it, that’s when the real fun begins! You now understand that you have the power to create beautiful, positive experiences in your life. That your life is anything BUT random and that you have complete control of how it turns out!

But how do you do that? You create them as you go. From one day to the next, from one moment to the next. Imagine the life you want and then create it one step at a time. Yes, there will be residual unpleasant experiences that will find their way into your new creations but now you are better equipped to deal with them because you see them for what they are and you can make them work for you in a positive way. They are still valuable experiences, as you would not have brought them into your reality, if they did not serve some purpose for you, even if they were just created to remind you to stay on track.

Here is what we propose to you. When you wake up in the morning, before you climb out of your bed, ask yourself, what experience will I create for myself today? See your day, imagine how you want it to be. That is how creation happens, with a thought and then the motion behind that thought, moving the creation into being. At the end of your day, look back at what you have created. Did it turn out as you planned? Maybe yes, maybe somewhat, maybe not at all. It is all beneficial no matter the outcome as you are doing what you came here to do, create.

Now when you are gathered with likeminded souls, such as you are today, the power of creation is multiplied immensely! Take advantage of this opportunity to create amazing experiences for yourself, for each other and for your world! The possibilities are endless!

In deep admiration, we leave you in Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you.

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Channeled Message for St Augustine Retreat 12/06/15

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I had the pleasure of attending an amazing retreat in St. Augustine this weekend! My awesome friends, Katerina and Igor have a beautiful B&B called The Paradisi Place in the heart of St Augustine, just a five min walk from St George St.

They invited me, along with eight other amazing people (and a few visitors who stopped by to attend or present some of the workshops), to join them on an beautiful spiritual weekend.  We had many workshops presented by very talented and gifted people. I witnessed many miracles and made some amazing new friends!

I was asked to give a presentation along with a channeled message from my Guardian.

Here is that message.

Blessings to you, our Brothers and Sisters. We are honored to be able to speak to you this day.  First and foremost we wish to thank you for your service. We are honored to be able to help you with your work in guiding the evolution of your planet to a more positive vibration. This is not the first time that some of you have chosen to participate in this type of shift and it is an exciting time for you, as well as for us. Many of you can feel the energy changes on a weekly and often times, daily basis.  Some of you find yourself wondering, “When is this shift going to happen? We have been hearing about this for such a long time.” We are here to say, it is not going to happen next year, next month or even tomorrow. It is happening now as we speak. Everything is in place and unfolding in Divine order.

Some of you wonder what your role is in this awakening game. You are frustrated because you cannot seem to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. You know you came here to play an important part but are not clear on what that part is. You ask yourself, “Should I teach, mediate more, wear this crystal or that? Should I take this workshop or that workshop? Get certified in this, or that?”“How do I know what the right thing to do is?”

There is no right or wrong choice and there is no certification for being what you already are! If you do nothing but exist then you are doing the right thing. For many of you, it is your light that you bring to your world. It is your light that will be used to show the way for those who are lost in the darkness. Shine the way with your unconditional love, and acceptance for all living things. Most of you, some call you “Light Workers”, are here to be way showers.” But how do I be a way shower?” It is simple, live your life from the love space of your heart. Love and respect yourself first and foremost, and then love all your brothers and sisters, respecting the roles that they have chosen to play, love Gaia in all her magnificence for she too has chosen to play a role in this game, she too has made many sacrifices in order to help you evolve. Also, do not forget the plants and animals in your world as they too have worked hard in creating a beautiful place for you to play your game. It is in loving and respecting all things that your light will shine.

Those who have chosen to live in darkness understand on a soul level that their role has nearly come to an end and they will begin to seek out the light…let that light be yours. You will find that people want to just be around you. It is your energy, your unconditional love that they are drawn to. Love them and teach them about the light by example.

Many of those who live in the dark want your company. They want to keep you in fear because when you are living in fear your light will dim. They are on your televisions, on your internet; they are your neighbors and co-workers. They tell you things like, “don’t eat or drink that; don’t listen to this person or that person, read this book but not that book.  I was given the answers so listen only to me”. They wish to keep you focused on the negative. They do not want you to understand that you are co-creators who are powerful enough to create a beautiful, loving world or in turn, a world full of chaos and negativity. But do not show disgust or anger towards these people for they have a very important role in this game that you ALL play. They are the ones who bring balance to your world. How will you know what you want if you are not exposed to what you don’t want?

This shift that you are experiencing is not unique to your planet. We also have experienced the same because we were once exactly where you are at this very moment. We are much older than you and have been through many more shifts such as yours. We are, ourselves, going through our own shift at this time so we understand what you are experiencing. Like you, we are the light bearers for those whose lights are not as bright as ours. We are the light bearers for your planet and for you as a collective. We are here to help guide you, as a whole, out of your darkness into the loving light of the Source that created all things.

Many of us, as well as other beings, have chosen to take on Earth bodies in order to work closer with you. There are millions of brave souls who have, since your existence, volunteered for this mission and it has not been an easy decision to make. Our volunteers knew that they would have to forget who they were in order to fully experience being human without any influence from their source family. Some have not been able to complete the mission because they found life on Earth to be too difficult.

This lady, who speaks to you, our sister, has experienced this with several of her lives. But she is a warrior and has come to the point where she was given the gift of remembering who she is in order to start the next phase of her mission. This has taken many, many lifetimes as there are millions of human experiences that needed to be learned in order for her to come to this point.  Many of you are volunteers such as her. Know that you are deeply loved, protected, and admired for the sacrifices you have made and are currently making in order to carry out your own mission, whatever that may be for you.

We want you to know that when you gather together in groups such as this, you are in fact finding each other once again. You have a strong connection whether you are from the same race or not as we are all one with the Divine Source that created all that is. Gather in groups as much as you can as it helps to recharge your batteries, so to speak, giving you strength, support and courage to continue carrying your light. A light that guides the way for others whose lights are not as bright as yours. Love, nurture and support them along their path as we, and others like us, are doing for you at this very moment.

Know that you are loved and valued more than you can ever know. We are always with you as we are in this together, for we are one. One light, one love, one consciousness.


In deep admiration, we leave you in Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you.


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Channeled Message Regarding Paris

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This was a channel I received on November 14, 2015. They are addressing what happened in Paris. I thought hard about posting this as it may be hard for some to hear and understand, but I feel it is important.  I am going to ask them to clarify what they mean in a separate session so that you can get a better understanding of where they are coming from. Until then, here is what they had to say.



Guardian: Greetings, our brothers and sisters. We are happy to speak with you this day. First and foremost, we wish you to know how much we admire you for the work you are doing. On a soul level, each and every one of you are holding a place of love and light on your planet, whether or not you are aware of this. You are playing your roles well.

Know that you are very much loved and honored for your service in assisting your race and your planet in the ascension process. Things are moving along in a positive direction even if they don’t seem so at the moment. Trust that things are progressing towards a positive outcome. Stand in your light and love energy and do not judge those who are causing chaos in your world at this time. They are very brave souls who have taken on difficult roles in order to promote positive change on your planet. We understand how difficult it is for you to witness the fear, death and despair going on around you but stay focused on the outcome, the end result.

Your race has reached a necessary breaking point and with that will bring much chaos but know that this is necessary at this time. Send loving thought and positive energy to those who require it for those who are causing the chaos are in much need of it at the moment. They are carrying out their purpose but know that it is a very difficult role to play for them but one they understand, at a soul level, is required.

Remember that all those on your planet are on the same side. The side that wishes to see you move into a higher frequency. You are being given a precious opportunity to practice love and forgiveness. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste, for you are at a pivotal point in your journey. Push it forward. If you don’t then you will remain in chaos until you figure it out. Now is the time.

We understand how difficult this is for some of you as you are grief stricken to see the suffering of others and you think vengeance is the answer that will make things right, but it is not. Vengeance only keeps you from moving forward, as individuals and as a collective. Your world is in need of much love and healing. We, and others who are also working with you, are helping with this now. But you are also needed in this process. Offering love and healing to those who suffer will raise your vibrations and in turn, raise your consciousness in order to help you move into a higher frequency.

Understand that you are powerful co-creators. Much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. You have created the world in which you live and you have the power to create one that is more peaceful and loving. Begin to create this world today at this very moment. It starts with changing your thoughts to ones that are of a higher frequency. What you think is what you create. Look at your own life in order to prove this. Is it one mostly filled with love and happiness or chaos and drama? Now look at the thoughts that you have each day. Are they mostly positive, which are of a higher frequency, or negative, which are of a lower frequency? It is that simple. Change your thought frequencies and you change your life. Change your life and you change your world.

We leave you in Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you.


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Channeled Message for Retreat in St. Augustine Aug 2015

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I gave a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine in August 2015. I asked my Guardian if she would give me a message for the attendees. Here is that message.


August 30, 2015

ME: I will be giving a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine today and I was wondering if you might have a message for those who attend.

 ET: We send greetings to you our sister. We are pleased that you will be speaking our message today. Our message is simple. Change yourselves and you change the world in which you live.

 Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters. We are pleased and honored to speak with you today. We wish to speak to you about a very simple yet power tool in your possession. Thought.

 Thought is a very powerful tool in your belt of tools. Every thought that has ever been thought by all those who live or have lived, exist in the consciousness field surrounding your planet. If there are more negative thoughts in that field than positive, there will be much chaos and discord in your world. So it makes sense that there must be more positive thoughts in order to produce change.

 When you berate yourselves or others, when you hate or cause disharmony in your lives or in the lives of others, this adds to the negative energy within the consciousness field of not only your planet but of yourself as you too have your own consciousness field. You carry this field everywhere you go and when you come in contact with another person, your field and theirs connect on an energetic level. If they are speaking the same language then you will be drawn to that person. In other words, if you carry with you more negative thoughts and you meet another person with similar thoughts within their field then you will be attracted to that person as these thoughts are like magnets attracting like energies to itself. In doing this, you are co-creating a negative life experience.

 The same can be said for thinking positive thoughts. When you think positive thoughts about yourself and others, you will attract positive people and experiences into your life, thus co-creating a more positive life experience. In time, with more and more people co-creating positive life experiences, the consciousness field of your planet will tip to a more positive polarity thus shifting your world into a state of higher consciousness. This is a Universal Law that has always been and will never change. Your scientists are beginning to understand this on a quantum level but they are not allowed to share this with you for there are those that wish to use this power to control you and keep you enslaved.

 We would like to remind you of who you are and that this Universal Law belongs to you. It is your birthright. You are powerful co-creators that have made a very brave choice to experience and assist a 3rd dimensional planet. In the beginning you did not bring with you any memories of who you are but over many lifetimes you have come to this point in your journey where you are remembering. You are here not only for the experience but to assist in raising the consciousness of your planet. You are courageous and admired greatly among all who watch over you and cheer you on. You are loved beyond imagination for the beautiful beings that you are. We are honored to work alongside you in this grand adventure.

In closing, our message to you is very simple but powerful enough to move mountains: Change your thoughts, change your lives. Change your lives, change your world.

 In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.


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My First Presentation and Channeled Message

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Three days before my first presentation I sat down and asked my Guardian if she would give me a message to relay to the attendees of the group. Here is her message.


 Saturday, August 15, 2015

 Me: I will be giving a presentation this coming Tuesday at one of my meetup groups. I will be sharing my ET experiences and I was hoping you might give me a message that I can share with the group.

ET:  We are very pleased that you are speaking publicly about your experiences and relaying our messages. As you know, it is important to raise the vibration of each individual person and in speaking to others about us you are helping do that.

It is important to remind them of who they really are and that they are co-creators of their own lives and of the Universe. Encourage them to seek out their own answers and not to believe everything they hear about us as there is much disinformation being given out that may instill fear in them.

We wish to say to them, pay attention to the feeling you get in your gut when you hear or read something regarding us and our messages. If it uplifts you then it resonates. If it makes you feel fear then it is something to avoid. We are here to raise you up to your fullest potential through love and encouragement. We are not here to instill fear or to control you. If that is the way you are feeling when you hear or read something about us then run for the hills as it is not from us.

We wish you to have joyful, loving and prosperous lives and we can show you how to obtain that by waking you up to who you really are and showing you what you’re capable of.

You are all on your own path. There is not one better path over another as they are unique to each individual. You are the ones you have been waiting for, remember that. No one is going to save you as that is your journey. One that you have chosen to take, on your own. We are just here to remind you of who you are so that you can fulfill your mission.

What is required to change your life and the world as you currently know it, is simple yet can be challenging if you decide to make it so. It is to change the way you think. Thought is energy and every thought you have is added to the thought collective of your planet. Currently the thought collective is dominated by negative energy. This energy is so influential that, collectively, it has helped to create a world of enslavement and one that is controlled by fear. Your planet was, at one time, heaven on earth but negative forces were allowed to enter your world in the hopes to heal them but their influential power took over and still dominate you today.

Changing the world can seem daunting and impossible for you as one single person but not only is it possible, it will eventually happen as it has happened to all of us. Yes, we have been in your shoes once. All living beings, outside your world, have been in your shoes. We have all evolved to higher dimensions, higher consciousness, as will you. It just depends on how badly and quickly you want it.

In order to raise your individual vibrations you must start thinking more positive thoughts throughout your everyday lives but you must first start in the place within yourself where thought forms are born.

You have all made decisions that have had negative outcomes in your lives and the lives of those you care for or don’t particularly care for, but you insist on dwelling on those decisions thus keeping them alive and active in your “now”. These decisions can cause depression and when you feel depressed it is a sign that you are living in the past. Your past does not exist any longer. If you are beating yourself up over something you did in your past then you have not moved on in your life. Understand that these events were created by you because you were not in positive vibrational alignment. See them as such and let them go. Living in the past prevents you from moving forward and moving forward is where joy and happiness resides. When I say, moving forward, I do not mean that joy and happiness is in your future. I mean that joy and happiness is in your “now”, at this very moment.  You just have to make the choice to feel it.

When you feel good, feel happy, feel grateful then you are feeling the essence of who you really are thus raising your vibrations and in turn bringing you into vibrational alignment with happiness and prosperity. These beautiful thoughts join the thought collective of your planet so the more good thoughts you think, the more good feelings you have, the more the thought collective is healed of its negative energy thus raising the vibration or energy of your planet.

Everything that happens in your world, individually and collectively, depends of how each and every person on your planet feels about themselves and their brothers and sisters. If you want to change the world, then change what you think, how you feel. As I stated, it’s such a simple thing to do…you just have to make the choice to live it, BE it!

I know, you have heard these things before from other’s so why are you hearing them again from me? Because most of you need to hear it many times before the truth of it sinks in. You say, “yeah, yeah, I know, I know” yet you still feel depressed because your life is not going the way you had hoped, or you are still yelling at the driver who just cut you off in traffic and you are still feeling emotional attachment to the chaos being shown to you every day in your news stories.

Do you not know that the tragic stories presented in your news and on your internet are there to keep you enslaved? When you are feeling fear, anger, frustration, depression, despair, indifference and the like, you are feeding the negative vibrations or energy in the thought collective of your planet thus keeping you from evolving. These emotions keep you in the lower vibrations where chaos and hopelessness reside. Your species cannot evolve within these lower vibrations.

Gaia, Mother Earth, wants to fully evolve into the fifth dimension but she lovingly waits for you to wake up so that you might complete the evolution together. She doesn’t want anyone left behind. When I say left behind, it does not mean that you fail or that you do not graduate. Not at all! It just means that you have chosen not to move forward and you will reincarnate back into another 3D or 4D world. Maybe you have not experienced all that you wished to. So it is not a pass or fail as all you experience is by your own choosing. Eventually every living thing moves forward. It is the natural progression of all that is.

There are many of you, hundreds of thousands, who are awake or in the process of awakening. You are already living in a fifth dimensional consciousness yet physically living on a fourth dimensional planet. This is quite challenging for you and we understand and send much love and assistance to you at this time. You are brave and greatly admired for your courage and determination to help this transition to play out. It has taken many lifetimes for you to arrive at this point in your lives. Stand proud and stand in your truth for you are the pioneers that are pushing this process into reality.

It is your mission to remind others, if only by example, who they are so they too can awaken from their sleep. When more than half of you wake, the weight of the positive vibration or energy, within the thought collective, will be enough to tip the scale allowing the transition into the fifth dimension to take place. That is when you will once again create heaven on earth.

Will this happen in your lifetime? That is for you as a whole to decide. It is possible as all things are possible. The choice is yours and yours alone for we cannot interfere in your evolutionary process. That is not allowed nor would be wish to as this is your journey, just as it was ours millions of years ago when we were in your shoes.

Many ask and wonder why we are so elusive. Why don’t we just land on the White House lawn? To be blunt and to the point, you, as a whole, are not ready for such an event! You, as a whole, have been conditioned for decades to believe that we are not real or if we are, we are to be feared. Little green men snatching unsuspecting humans from their beds in the black of night, using anal probes, mutilating your cattle, and stealing your embryos, just to name a few. Our question to you would be, why would you NOT fear us after hearing this all your lives? If we landed on your White House lawn it would cause fear, panic and chaos among you. We are not willing to let that happen. When you are ready, we will land and greet you as family. That is a joyous occasion that we are very much looking forward to.

Many of you ask why we do not communicate with your President or other high officials within your government. We have many years ago but it became quite apparent that those in control did not want you to know of our existence. They felt threatened by us and felt that if you learned about us you would eventually learn about yourselves and come to realize that you have been enslaved and controlled for centuries. Keeping us a secret serves their best interest, not yours.

We have given them technologies in hopes they would use them to give you free and clean energy, clean water and healthy food. But instead they are using them to create weapons to use against each other and you. If they tell you about us then you would eventually learn of these technologies and demand they be used for the good of your people and planet. They will not allow that to happen as there are many who prosper financially by keeping these things secret.

We have learned that giving them these technologies was comparable to giving a child a dangerous toy and asking him to play nice in the sand box. We are monitoring closely to insure they do not destroy you and your planet like other races have before you. We will not let that happen.

Me: Then why don’t you just give the technology to us directly? By “us” I mean someone who will take it and do good with it.

ET: We have tried that on a few occasions but unfortunately these individuals are forced, either by financial ruin, physical threats or even death, to cease and desist. We are no longer willing to sacrifice your lives in this way. These technologies are your birth right, they belong to you but in order to obtain them you have some growing to do.

We wish you to know that you are all very much loved and cherished for the Divine beings that you are. There is not one of you that deserves our love and admiration more than another. Always remember this.

In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.

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My First Channeled Message

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In August of this year, I was asked to give a presentation on UFOs and ETs to a Meetup group I was a member of. I would be sharing my entire contact story publicly, for the first time.

I was quite nervous about this as I had not officially come out of the ET closet and spoken publicly about my experiences. I had, a couple of years prior, told a condensed version to a small group of people but it was brief and not nearly as detailed as this would be.

In preparation for my speech, I decided to include various channelings from other experiencers into my presentation but something just didn’t feel right about that. I wanted to share messages directly from my own ET family! I had been attempting to channel verbally for several months but was having some difficulties making a clean connection. This lead to frustration and disappointment so I put it on hold for a while.

Several days prior to my presentation, I sent out a thought-message to my ET family asking them to please help me as I really wanted to give my audience a personal message directly from them. They answered my request a couple of days later.

I woke up early in the morning on August 7th with a knowing that I was not ready, on an energetic level, to channel verbally but that they would communicate with me via automatic writing! I was so excited that I immediately jumped out of bed and grabbed my computer and began asking questions…to which they answered!

Here is my first communication with them.


 August 7, 2015

 Me: Ok, so this is my first attempt to contact you via automatic writing. I really need your help. I am going to be speaking publicly about my experiences with you and the messages that you and other ET’s are giving to other experiencers/contactees, like myself. I would very much like for you to communicate with me and answer many questions that I have about myself and my relationship to you, messages that you would like to share with us and explain your take on what’s happening in our world today. Are you willing to do this?

ET: We are always willing to speak to you but you don’t take the time to listen. Part of you is afraid to take this road and we understand your fear. It is not an easy road to take as you will learn, if you chose to take it. All things in life revolve around choices, not just for your species but for all species that exist in your world and outside your world.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I understand I don’t listen and you’re right, I am afraid. I’m afraid that I will be judged and that people will think I am crazy. I’m afraid of what my children and family will think. I don’t want to embarrass them in any way and I’m afraid that choosing to go down this road will cause that to happen. But at the same time, I need to know who I am and why I came here! I need to know that what I have suffered throughout my life was for a purpose, that it has meaning! I am tired of always feeling alone.

ET: You have never been alone, my sister. We have always been with you on your journey. We cautioned you before you took on this human form that it would be a difficult journey but you were determined to take part in this mission and we are very proud of you for doing this.

In order to teach others how to overcome their pain, how to live their life in peace and love and how to truly love themselves and their brothers and sisters, you had to experience the human condition without our interference as that would have tainted your experiences. They had to be “felt” from a human point of view and not from the point of view of your true self. You understood this before taking on the human form. We heard your pleas for help and felt your pains of loneliness but could not intervene to insure a successful mission. This was your wish.

It has not been easy for us to watch our sister suffer the pains you have but we understand that this lifetime of yours is short in comparison to who you really are. We want you to understand this as well. You have always been and will always be in existence. This is true for all humans.

You have a saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Your life and all the experiences you have had, positive and negative alike, are all small stuff compared to who you are. We understand how absurd this sounds when you think of the atrocities that your species has experienced over thousands of years and we feel your anger at us for saying this. These atrocities have left permanent scars in your human DNA, they are a part of you and they contribute to all the pain and suffering that you feel, that has built up in your cellular memory for many lifetimes. It is part of the human condition and you feel we slap you in the face when we call it “the small stuff”. But it is time for you and thousands of others like you to wake up and see the bigger picture.

You, and millions like you, are here for the experience of being human so you can help wake up others to understanding who they are. All the drama that is playing out on your planet is just that, drama. It is a play to which you are a playing a part. You are having millions of little experiences that are part of a larger experience. The experience of being human. The experience of waking up to who you truly are.

Me: I understand that! I have been saying that to myself and others for years! But I am living this experience and it doesn’t seem like this is just “the small stuff”! I see people killing each other, hating one another, hurting one another, every day and I’m sick of it! I don’t want to be here anymore!!!!!!! I want to come home!!!!! This place is a nightmare!

ET: We understand and can feel your pain and anger. Earth is a planet playing the game of duality, of contrast where there is both positive and negative energies flowing in all directions. Intertwining in and out of itself. That is part of the balance that is necessary to keep the game in motion.

You are always free to leave this game if you wish. You are not a prisoner on this planet of yours. You came of your own free will and you can leave anytime you like. The decision to stay or leave is completely yours and if you chose to leave there will be no judgment on our part. You will be loved and admired as you always have been.

It would not be the first time you have opted to leave before the mission was complete. But you are stubborn and have returned again and again determined to finish the mission to the end. You are much closer this time than any other to finishing and we admire you for that. You are beginning to understand the power that you have to create your experiences instead of letting your experiences create you. That is one more step in your personal evolution that will help bring you to the place you need to be to start your real mission. Helping others to understand how powerful they are as creators of their own life.

Me: Please explain to me who I am.

ET: You know who you are.

Me: I know but I want to hear it from you.

ET: You are a warrior.

Me: I don’t feel like a warrior!

ET: That is because of the role you have taken on at this moment. But if you really look deep inside yourself you will see the warrior that lies within. Remember the time you heard a woman screaming in the parking lot while you were trying to sleep? You were a 51 year old woman running through the parking lot outside your apartment, in the middle of the night and in your night clothes, towards the sound of the screams. You didn’t once think of yourself or your safety. You just needed to help this woman.

What did you do when you found the man holding her down on the ground? You grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him off her. Others stood nearby and did nothing to help but you took action and the woman was released. That warrior has kept you moving forward during all the difficult times in your life. She has kept you safe. She is your protector, she is you.

Me: Tell me more about her.

ET: She is Tarin.

Me: Oh my God! She is Tarin? My son is writing a book and he comes up with many awesome names for the characters. I suggested to him a few times to name one of them Tarin! For some reason that name just keeps coming up in my mind. It didn’t resonate with him so he’s not used it. Lol! But she is Tarin!?! Wow! That is amazing! I knew her name all along!

It’s interesting how close her name is to mine, Terry. Is that a coincidence?

ET: No, that is not a coincidence. The female energy is strong with this name and yours. It was given to your parents but something was lost in the translation but they came close (humor).

Me: That’s funny. Lol! Tell me about her and her mission.

ET: She is part of a group of brave warriors that have taken on the mission of working one on one with the human race. These warriors are very well respected for taking on this task. While we are working with your planet as a whole, these brave souls have chosen to take on human form in order to experience the human condition and to help your race evolve. It takes many lifetimes to accomplish this as there are many experiences to have. Your lifespan is very short so it is necessary to return until they reach a point where they can begin their mission.

We wish to see your planet evolve from the 4th dimension into the 5th but when that will happen is still up to you, collectively. All planets, within your dimension as well as in others, evolve. Some take longer to do this than others. Many taking millions and millions of years. There are those on your planet that say things move very slowly in your time but in actuality they are moving rather quickly, from our perspective. We are very pleased at how well things are progressing for you.

Evolution can be a very painful experience for you personally and for your planet as a whole. There are many things happening at the moment that seem to be negative but in fact are very positive in that they are helping to move things in a positive direction. Your race, as a whole, cannot have peace until they experience chaos. That is how the polarity game is played. How can you truly know sweet unless you have tasted bitter?

But, in order to change your world you must first change yourself. That is why Tarin and the millions of others like her have joined this very important mission. This mission has been going on, in one form or another, since the beginning of your time and will continue until it is complete, until those like you, and those that will come after you, have awakened all the sleeping angels within the human race.

Me: Thank you for all the information.

ET: You are most welcome. We are here for you, always. In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.

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The Day I Remembered

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November 11, 2015

In January of this year I listened to a past life regression audio by Hypnotherapist, Dick Sutphen. He is one of America’s leading past life regressionists and his CD takes you very deep into a hypnotic state. I have always been curious about my past lives and thought I would try this out to see where it might take me.

In my head I was thinking I would see myself as a slave in Egypt or a school teacher in the early 1800s. But what I experienced was something quite unexpected!

Before I tell you about this experience, let me give you a little background. I have been regressed a few times over the last 15 years or so. Some in a group setting and three times in private sessions.  Most of these experiences were your normal past life regressions but one in particular (approx. 7 years ago) was different. An acquaintance of mine, who had just become certified as a Hypnotherapist, was asking for volunteers in order to practice her newly learned skill. I had had an ET contact experience back in 1986 and wanted to learn more about what had happened to me so I volunteered hoping she could help me recount more information about this event.

During the regression, I saw something I wasn’t expecting. I saw myself as an extraterrestrial standing on a space craft in front of a large window looking down at Earth. Standing with me was a woman, who I thought at the time was my mother as she had a very maternal feel to her. I had this knowing that we, as a species, were working to help raise the consciousness of planet Earth. I, on the other hand, wanted very much to work one-on-one with humans and wished to live as a human in order to do so. She was cautioning me about doing this and telling me that it would be very difficult. I would have to experience everything human, the good, the bad and the ugly and it would not be easy. I kind of poo-pooed this and assured her that it would be fine. I was young (for an ET that lives a hundred years or more) and had a carefree attitude much like that of a human teenager. Little did I know, she was right!

This regression would set the stage for the one in January of this year, mentioned above. Again, I was not thinking ET, UFO when I started this session. I was thinking along the lines of a normal run-of-the-mill past life regression experience.

During the session, when I reached the level of opening my subconscious eyes and looking at myself and my surroundings, what I saw was quite unexpected! I was again, an ET standing with the same motherly figure I had years earlier. I was getting ready to begin my mission and she was conveying to me her admiration and love. In my knowingness, I was prepared and felt honored and proud to be taking part in this very important volunteer program.

Together, we walked down a long hall towards a very large room as big as an airplane hangar. It was dimly lit but I could see what looked like a pod shaped capsule sitting at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the room. It was just big enough to fit one person. The door was open as we approached and inside was a quite comfortable looking plush seat. There was no instrumentation that I noticed, just the seat. The inside was illuminated with a soft white light but I don’t know where it was coming from as I noticed no light fixtures of any kind.

After climbing in, the door slowly closed. There was a window in front of my face where I could see my teacher/guardian. She was standing in front of me and sending very powerful love energy to me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to be ok and that she would be my guide throughout this mission. I felt her love and admiration and it was an amazing feeling!

I then understood what was about to happen. My body would be going into a state of stasis that would last as long as it took for the completion of the mission. Part of my soul would leave my body and break up into several strands. Each strand would enter a human body, some as babies and some as walk-ins. They would be my past lives and my current life, all happening at the same time. I saw each strand leave my body as streams of light shooting through space towards Earth. It was an amazing sight!!

That was the last thing I saw before I was lead out of the regression by the voice on the CD. When I fully woke and opened my eyes it took a few moments to comprehend what had just happened. Then I started to weep. I felt so many different emotions. I felt blessed, honored, loved, and even, sad to say, unworthy. Right now, as I write this, tears fill my eyes. Could this possibly be true? “I am nobody”, I said to myself. This mission is for someone who is brave, important, a warrior. That is not me. I am a 58 year old woman, divorced, a mother of 4 amazing human beings, who has had a very difficult life. How can I be part of this beautiful, amazing ET being who bravely volunteered to be part of helping humanity?

After I came to my senses I got right on the computer to see if I could find anyone who had had an experience such as mine. The late Delores Cannon has talked extensively about the different waves of volunteers that have come to earth over the last few decades but I had never heard of anyone telling of how the process actually takes place! After much searching I came up with nothing. A few weeks later I met with a friend who does past life work and who studied under Delores Cannons school. I told him what I had experienced and asked if he had ever heard of anyone having this type of experience before. To my surprise he said he had! He said there was a person in my city who shared a very similar experience and that he would attempt to get us together. A couple of weeks later I received an email from this lady and we arranged to meet for dinner. To my shock and surprise, her experience was nearly identical to mine! We have since become good friends and are convinced that we were meant to find one another. I hope to find others like us along my journey.

It took me several months before I could start to process all this. What was I supposed to do with this information? How was I supposed to help humanity if I couldn’t even help myself? That’s where the fun began. Actually, it began four months prior when I lost my job of eight years. Sounds bad but it was actually a blessing in disguise. It freed me up to start focusing on making my life work for me instead of the other way around.

These past 10 months have been a whirl wind of synchronicities, paranormal experiences and eye opening revelations! In addition, I made the very difficult decision to come out of my ET closet and share my story publicly. I opened my life and heart to all possibilities leading me to complete my mission and that in turn, is leading me to various opportunities to connect with others.

Am I special? Yes, we ALL are!! Every human being on the face of this planet (good people and not so good people) made a choice to be a part of this Earth experience. We ALL play a vital role in raising the vibration/consciousness of this planet. You personally may not be connected to an ET lying in stasis aboard a ship but you are just as important!  We are equal partners in this experience, none more important than the other. We are brothers and sisters working together to move this planet forward to the next level.

It’s time to wake up and complete your mission, whatever that may be for you. For me, it is to help others remember who they are so they can get on with their work. To help people understand how powerful we are and how our thoughts and emotions can not only change our lives but change humanity as a whole. And lastly, to push disclosure.

We Contactees/Experiencers (or whatever you want to call yourselves) need to join hands and come out of our closets…tell our stories. It’s time to change the way society thinks about life outside of Earth! Short of ET landing on the White House lawn…which I think would be a very bad idea at this point…it is up to us to make disclosure happen! We sit around and wait for others to do this so we can finally feel safe to come out but it’s not up to others, it’s up to us!

Is it scary? Yes, it is! No one wants to be ridiculed, judged and made fun of. Especially by the people we care the most about, our friends and family. But if we don’t stand together and make this happen it will continue to be something we’ll be waiting for 10 years from now! I for one, am ready to make this happen, now. How about you?

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