Channeled Message for Retreat in St. Augustine Aug 2015

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I gave a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine in August 2015. I asked my Guardian if she would give me a message for the attendees. Here is that message.


August 30, 2015

ME: I will be giving a presentation at a retreat in St. Augustine today and I was wondering if you might have a message for those who attend.

 ET: We send greetings to you our sister. We are pleased that you will be speaking our message today. Our message is simple. Change yourselves and you change the world in which you live.

 Greetings, beloved brothers and sisters. We are pleased and honored to speak with you today. We wish to speak to you about a very simple yet power tool in your possession. Thought.

 Thought is a very powerful tool in your belt of tools. Every thought that has ever been thought by all those who live or have lived, exist in the consciousness field surrounding your planet. If there are more negative thoughts in that field than positive, there will be much chaos and discord in your world. So it makes sense that there must be more positive thoughts in order to produce change.

 When you berate yourselves or others, when you hate or cause disharmony in your lives or in the lives of others, this adds to the negative energy within the consciousness field of not only your planet but of yourself as you too have your own consciousness field. You carry this field everywhere you go and when you come in contact with another person, your field and theirs connect on an energetic level. If they are speaking the same language then you will be drawn to that person. In other words, if you carry with you more negative thoughts and you meet another person with similar thoughts within their field then you will be attracted to that person as these thoughts are like magnets attracting like energies to itself. In doing this, you are co-creating a negative life experience.

 The same can be said for thinking positive thoughts. When you think positive thoughts about yourself and others, you will attract positive people and experiences into your life, thus co-creating a more positive life experience. In time, with more and more people co-creating positive life experiences, the consciousness field of your planet will tip to a more positive polarity thus shifting your world into a state of higher consciousness. This is a Universal Law that has always been and will never change. Your scientists are beginning to understand this on a quantum level but they are not allowed to share this with you for there are those that wish to use this power to control you and keep you enslaved.

 We would like to remind you of who you are and that this Universal Law belongs to you. It is your birthright. You are powerful co-creators that have made a very brave choice to experience and assist a 3rd dimensional planet. In the beginning you did not bring with you any memories of who you are but over many lifetimes you have come to this point in your journey where you are remembering. You are here not only for the experience but to assist in raising the consciousness of your planet. You are courageous and admired greatly among all who watch over you and cheer you on. You are loved beyond imagination for the beautiful beings that you are. We are honored to work alongside you in this grand adventure.

In closing, our message to you is very simple but powerful enough to move mountains: Change your thoughts, change your lives. Change your lives, change your world.

 In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.


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