My ET Contact Story

Like many ET experiencers, I was born into a military family. My father was a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed at Torrejon Air Base in Madrid, Spain where I was born on July 8th 1957. I was the second child (first girl) of the seven that he and my mother would eventually have between 1956, when my older brother was born to 1965 when my baby sister was born in France.

My father was attached to SAC (Strategic Air Command) during most of his military career. He never talked about what he did and always worked in buildings with no windows. To this day, I don’t fully understand what his role was within this Command as he has always been very vague when asked. He was, and still is, a very proud, dedicated and loyal Airman and will take all of his experiences to his grave.

Like most military families, we moved every couple of years or so. By the time I was 16, we had been stationed at 7 different military bases throughout the world, the last one being March AFB in Riverside, CA where my father retired in 1973. Granted, I got to see the world but not without a price. Unlike most civilians, I had no place that I could call “home” and because of moving so much I became a nomad of sorts, not being able to live in one place for more than a few years at a time. That way of living has not served me well as I matured into adulthood.

I have very little memory of my childhood. The ones I do have are like snap shots of small pieces of my existence. My earliest memories are from around the age of 8 or 9, but again just fleeting snap shots at most.

I was very emotionally disconnected from both my parents and siblings, as they were me, and I often wondered who these people were and how I ended up in this family. I just didn’t fit in nor have anything in common with any of them. I became very withdrawn and depressed. Something was just not right but I couldn’t figure out how I knew that at such a young age. From what I can remember, I had no childhood friends until I reached the age of 16 so I had no other family to compare them to.

Like many military families, my father ran his house like a boot camp and my mother was emotionally unavailable. It was a frightening place to be, especially for as sensitive a child as I.

Having said that, it is not my intent to throw my parents under the bus or disrespect them in any way but I feel it is important to lay a basic foundation of my youth. It has taken me many years but I have forgiven them and moved on. They did what they thought was right at the time and I know, in my heart, that they have many regrets. We were never close and never will be and that makes me sad but I wouldn’t be the person I am today had I not gone through what I did. It was all part of the plan, I know that now.

In 1976, I married a young Marine and had two beautiful daughters. At 18, we both were much to young for the responsibilities of marriage. But like most 18 year olds, we thought we knew it all. Our oldest daughter was born at Balboa Hospital (I don’t believe it’s called that any longer) in San Diego, CA and our second was born at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA. My husband ended his enlistment in 1978 and we moved back to San Diego County renting a small duplex in the small town of Imperial Beach, just 10 mins from my parents’ home.

My husband and I began having serious issues in our marriage and divorce in 1979. He moved to Yreka, CA (770 miles away) leaving me and our daughters to make it on our own. It was during this time that my ET contact started.


First Contact

I began having strange experiences in the middle of the night. I would wake up paralyzed, unable to move, terrified, not understanding what was happening to me! I could see light through my eyelids which made me think it was morning, but as hard as I tried, I was not able to move! All I could do was scream inside my own head. After a few mins the spell broke and I was able to sit up and each time, I would find the room pitch black and quiet. After this happened a few times, I became terrified to go to sleep.

Soon it began to change. I would wake up because I could feel myself moving up and down like riding waves on the ocean. In fact, I was sleeping on a king size waterbed sitting on a two foot pedestal and something, or someone, was pushing down on the mattress causing my body to go up and down with each wave! I was terrified!! I kept trying to move, to scream but to no avail. Then I got angry! I was screaming in my head, “STOP IT!!!” over and over again. That’s when I first heard their voices. They sounded like the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz movie! They started giggling and mocking me, repeating everything I was screaming in my head!! How could this be?? I could tell they were small and there were at least three if not more of them.

It lasted a few mins and then, like someone flicking a light switch, it was over. I was able to move and again, the room was pitch black and quiet as if it had only been a bad dream. But I knew that it wasn’t a dream at all! It really happened and I was terrified!

At the same time this was happening to me, my youngest daughter, who was about 2-1/2 at the time, began waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. She was so young that she really couldn’t verbalize what she was experiencing. She slept on the bottom bunk in the room she shared with her older sister, who was 4. Their room was next to mine and the wall between us was shared by our adjacent closets. One night I woke up to her screams and ran into her room, as I did many other nights but this time she wasn’t in her bed. I found her in the closet trying to scratch through the wall to get to my room! I snatched her up and held her tight until she was able to calm down. Through her sobs, she said “Da dark in the hall. It going a get me”. All I could do was cry. What was happening in our house?!?

At the time I had no knowledge about ET abductions. I probably wondered about life on other planets but that’s as close as I got to the subject. I just assumed, as many often do, that we had ghosts in the house. There just wasn’t any other explanation.

This phenomenon went on for several months before it took a different turn.


Second Contact -The Tall Lady

I was sleeping one night and I woke up from feeling something pressing on the bottom of the bed at my feet. I was lying on my left side and was covered up to my neck with a top sheet and bedspread. I could feel the covers pull across my legs as the hands pressed down on the bedspread towards the mattress. This time, though, I was not paralyzed!

My first thought was that it was one of the girls who had gotten up and was in my room. I thought I would not acknowledge her and she would go back to bed. I knew that if I got up, my night of sleeping would be over. She would want water, food, to watch TV, any number of things. If you have children, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So I ignored her, thinking she would go back to bed. But that didn’t happen.

The hands pressed down again a few inches from where it pressed the first time. It was very gentle and slow but I could again feel the covers pull across my legs and feet. I started to get a little nervous but still didn’t get up. Then a few seconds later it happened again, this time just behind my calves. It was now moving up the side of the bed behind me! This time I knew it was not one of the girls!! I lay there terrified to move. I did NOT want to see what was in my room!

It pressed down again at the level of my lower back and this time I began to sweat and I thought my heart would burst out of my chest! But again, I would not look. Again, at the level of my shoulders and I was drenched in sweat! Then, it leaned over and gently touched me on my back! I thought I would have a heart attack!

I lay there for several mins, but felt like hours, before I finally threw the covers back and bolted upright to face this “ghost” that had been haunting me for months! But, there was nothing there. I sprang out of bed and turned the light on. Nothing. It was gone.

For several years after, I analyzed this experience by removing my fear and looking at it from a non-emotional perspective. This being was tall as it had to have been in order to reach my back as I lay in the middle of a king size mattress sitting approx 3 ft off the floor (the 2 ft pedestal plus the 1 ft thick mattress). I got a sense that it was female as she had a gentleness about her. It was as though she was a mother checking on her child. Had I not been terrified out of my wits, I would have actually felt comforted, cared for. I know that sounds strange but I had to see it for what it was. She had no intention of hurting me physically or she would have. I really don’t believe she had any malicious intent towards me at all. But who was this woman and what was her connection to me? I wouldn’t discover the answer to this question until 28 years later.


Third Contact – Reuniting with My ET Family

I remarried in 1984. He was another military man, this time Navy. I guess I was determined to experience all branches of the service. Ha! We had a daughter that was born in 1985.

During this time in my life I had started reading metaphysically based books. Although being raised Catholic, I had always believed in reincarnation and was very interested in metaphysics, paranormal phenomenon and the like. Keep in mind, there was no internet so everything I learned was through books I found in a little obscure bookshop I happened upon in San Diego.

I believe the first book I read was “Out on a Limb” by Shirley MacLaine. What was interesting about reading that book was that it didn’t feel like new information. It felt more like I was remembering things I had forgotten as I read them. I couldn’t get enough! I knew this information was very important to me and something I had to pursue. Having said that, I do not remember reading anything related to UFOs or ETs. That was something I really wasn’t drawn too. I’m sure the topic was mentioned in some of the books I was reading but I really didn’t focus on it. It was the spiritual stuff I was more interested in.

One night in mid-1986, I woke up from a dead sleep and got out of bed. I had a knowing that “They” were coming and I was very excited to see them again! They were my family and I hadn’t seen them in such a long time! I left my sleeping husband and went into my daughters room (all three shared the same room). I leaned into the crib and lifted my baby into my arms. She was about 8 months old at the time. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at me with a curious “Why are you waking me in the middle of the night?” look on her face. We then walked out the front door towards the curb in front of our apartment building.

While we were waiting, I was looking up at the night sky when I began seeing all these beautiful swirling colors flowing together. If you’ve ever seen the Northern Lights, it looked a lot like that only with a lot more colors. Absolutely beautiful! I was mesmerized. It was a sign that they were close.

The next thing I remember is standing in a clearing surrounded by trees. There were other people there walking around in their PJs like they were sleep walking. I looked ahead of me and there, standing about 30 ft from me, was a space craft. It was shaped like your typical saucer type craft that was about 50-60 ft in diameter. It was metallic in color and there was a tall figure standing just outside of an open door. It was a woman. She was about 6-7 ft tall, wearing a long white robe that covered her feet. Her hands had very long fingers and her skin was pale. The odd thing was that I can’t remember what her face looked like and I don’t know if she had hair. If she did, I can’t remember that either.

We all started walking towards the craft and the closer I got to the woman, I started to feel a very strong energy of unconditional love! By the time I got right up to her, the loving energy that came from her was overwhelming! I had never felt anything like before. If I took the love that I feel for my children and multiplied it by 100 it might come close to what I felt! It was amazing! There are literally no human words that can come close to describing what I felt.

We all walked onto the craft. It was very sterile looking. The inside was metallic as well and it shined like polished stainless steel. It was dimly lit but I couldn’t really tell where the light was coming from. I saw a panel with instrumentation on it, and a chair that was one with the floor. All one piece, no seams.

We walked down a dimly lit, narrow hallway with some kind of lighting coming up from the floor. I looked up and saw only black, like there was no ceiling. We filed into a small round room with bench seating around the perimeter. In the middle of the room was what looked like a large round, rough crystal, maybe 6 ft in diameter, set in some kind of casing around the bottom. We filed around the crystal and took a seat along the wall. While I was waiting for everyone else to get seated I remembered my husband lying asleep at home. I became concerned that he might wake up and get scared when he found us missing.  No more had I finished having that thought when the tall woman, who was now standing in the doorway, told me telepathically, “Do not worry, he will be fine.” I immediately brushed my thought aside and looked forward to what would happen next.

My next memory is waking up in my bed the following morning. I was in shock by what had happened the night before! I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was not a dream, it had happened, it was real! “They” were real!!

I told everyone that would listen! My husband, my kids, my sisters, my friends! I was so excited and felt like my whole world was brand new! Colors seemed more vivid, sounds more crisp. The world was different, I was different!

Unfortunately people didn’t really see what I saw. They almost didn’t hear what I was saying! How could they not be as in awe as I was?? Why did they all have this weird look on their face like I had just fallen down the crazy tree and didn’t miss a single branch on the way down! What was wrong with them?!?!

It didn’t take long before I realized I had better stop talking or someone was going to have me committed. I was heartbroken! I had to know more about this. I had to understand who this being was and why this had happened to me but where was I going to start? Again, there was no internet and this type of talk was extremely controversial. I had no one…I was alone.

Soon after that, I was watching a Phil Donahue show on TV. It was a panel of people talking about paranormal phenomenon, metaphysics, the occult. I remember that Shirley MacLaine and Whitley Strieber, a guy I had never heard of before, were two of the guests. I became fascinated with Whitley’s story although it was nothing like mine. His was terrifying with little grey creatures. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Communion, in 1987 but I wouldn’t read it until sometime in the 90s.

Something very odd started happening to me around this time. I couldn’t get enough of reading about metaphysics, ESP, ghosts, etc. I was borderline obsessed! I had the weirdest feeling like there was something important that I was supposed to remember. It felt like it was on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn’t remember! Much like when you are trying to remember a song title and just when you almost remember it, it disappears. It was so incredibly frustrating because I was having this feeling a least 20-30 times a day and after a few days I thought I was going to go mad!

Finally one day out of shear frustration, I was standing in my living room having those same “on the tip of my tongue” feelings and I just put my arms up in the air, as if pleading with God, and said out loud, “WHAT IS IT?? WHAT IS IT THAT I’M SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER??” At that very moment I heard a male voice lovingly say in my left ear, “Be patient, its coming.” I whipped around to see who had spoken but no one was there. All I could do was cry. I was not alone after all.

A couple of days later it happened. It was like a dam broke in my brain and all at once I knew everything! At least it felt like “everything” at the time. In actuality, I knew next to nothing! I didn’t realize it but all this knowledge I had just “remembered” was just the tip of the iceberg. I understood about reincarnation, about how we are all connected, how everyone here has a purpose and about living in a world of duality. At the time, it was overwhelming to my little pea brain and all this understanding continued to flow in so fast that I really thought I had lost my mind. Everyone was right, I was certifiably crazy!

I didn’t have a name for this until many years later but what I had experienced was a profound spiritual or kundalini awakening. I was told during a regression several years ago that the ETs in the space ship had “jump started” me into having that awakening. It was time for me to start waking up….I had a job to do!