My First Presentation and Channeled Message

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Three days before my first presentation I sat down and asked my Guardian if she would give me a message to relay to the attendees of the group. Here is her message.


 Saturday, August 15, 2015

 Me: I will be giving a presentation this coming Tuesday at one of my meetup groups. I will be sharing my ET experiences and I was hoping you might give me a message that I can share with the group.

ET:  We are very pleased that you are speaking publicly about your experiences and relaying our messages. As you know, it is important to raise the vibration of each individual person and in speaking to others about us you are helping do that.

It is important to remind them of who they really are and that they are co-creators of their own lives and of the Universe. Encourage them to seek out their own answers and not to believe everything they hear about us as there is much disinformation being given out that may instill fear in them.

We wish to say to them, pay attention to the feeling you get in your gut when you hear or read something regarding us and our messages. If it uplifts you then it resonates. If it makes you feel fear then it is something to avoid. We are here to raise you up to your fullest potential through love and encouragement. We are not here to instill fear or to control you. If that is the way you are feeling when you hear or read something about us then run for the hills as it is not from us.

We wish you to have joyful, loving and prosperous lives and we can show you how to obtain that by waking you up to who you really are and showing you what you’re capable of.

You are all on your own path. There is not one better path over another as they are unique to each individual. You are the ones you have been waiting for, remember that. No one is going to save you as that is your journey. One that you have chosen to take, on your own. We are just here to remind you of who you are so that you can fulfill your mission.

What is required to change your life and the world as you currently know it, is simple yet can be challenging if you decide to make it so. It is to change the way you think. Thought is energy and every thought you have is added to the thought collective of your planet. Currently the thought collective is dominated by negative energy. This energy is so influential that, collectively, it has helped to create a world of enslavement and one that is controlled by fear. Your planet was, at one time, heaven on earth but negative forces were allowed to enter your world in the hopes to heal them but their influential power took over and still dominate you today.

Changing the world can seem daunting and impossible for you as one single person but not only is it possible, it will eventually happen as it has happened to all of us. Yes, we have been in your shoes once. All living beings, outside your world, have been in your shoes. We have all evolved to higher dimensions, higher consciousness, as will you. It just depends on how badly and quickly you want it.

In order to raise your individual vibrations you must start thinking more positive thoughts throughout your everyday lives but you must first start in the place within yourself where thought forms are born.

You have all made decisions that have had negative outcomes in your lives and the lives of those you care for or don’t particularly care for, but you insist on dwelling on those decisions thus keeping them alive and active in your “now”. These decisions can cause depression and when you feel depressed it is a sign that you are living in the past. Your past does not exist any longer. If you are beating yourself up over something you did in your past then you have not moved on in your life. Understand that these events were created by you because you were not in positive vibrational alignment. See them as such and let them go. Living in the past prevents you from moving forward and moving forward is where joy and happiness resides. When I say, moving forward, I do not mean that joy and happiness is in your future. I mean that joy and happiness is in your “now”, at this very moment.  You just have to make the choice to feel it.

When you feel good, feel happy, feel grateful then you are feeling the essence of who you really are thus raising your vibrations and in turn bringing you into vibrational alignment with happiness and prosperity. These beautiful thoughts join the thought collective of your planet so the more good thoughts you think, the more good feelings you have, the more the thought collective is healed of its negative energy thus raising the vibration or energy of your planet.

Everything that happens in your world, individually and collectively, depends of how each and every person on your planet feels about themselves and their brothers and sisters. If you want to change the world, then change what you think, how you feel. As I stated, it’s such a simple thing to do…you just have to make the choice to live it, BE it!

I know, you have heard these things before from other’s so why are you hearing them again from me? Because most of you need to hear it many times before the truth of it sinks in. You say, “yeah, yeah, I know, I know” yet you still feel depressed because your life is not going the way you had hoped, or you are still yelling at the driver who just cut you off in traffic and you are still feeling emotional attachment to the chaos being shown to you every day in your news stories.

Do you not know that the tragic stories presented in your news and on your internet are there to keep you enslaved? When you are feeling fear, anger, frustration, depression, despair, indifference and the like, you are feeding the negative vibrations or energy in the thought collective of your planet thus keeping you from evolving. These emotions keep you in the lower vibrations where chaos and hopelessness reside. Your species cannot evolve within these lower vibrations.

Gaia, Mother Earth, wants to fully evolve into the fifth dimension but she lovingly waits for you to wake up so that you might complete the evolution together. She doesn’t want anyone left behind. When I say left behind, it does not mean that you fail or that you do not graduate. Not at all! It just means that you have chosen not to move forward and you will reincarnate back into another 3D or 4D world. Maybe you have not experienced all that you wished to. So it is not a pass or fail as all you experience is by your own choosing. Eventually every living thing moves forward. It is the natural progression of all that is.

There are many of you, hundreds of thousands, who are awake or in the process of awakening. You are already living in a fifth dimensional consciousness yet physically living on a fourth dimensional planet. This is quite challenging for you and we understand and send much love and assistance to you at this time. You are brave and greatly admired for your courage and determination to help this transition to play out. It has taken many lifetimes for you to arrive at this point in your lives. Stand proud and stand in your truth for you are the pioneers that are pushing this process into reality.

It is your mission to remind others, if only by example, who they are so they too can awaken from their sleep. When more than half of you wake, the weight of the positive vibration or energy, within the thought collective, will be enough to tip the scale allowing the transition into the fifth dimension to take place. That is when you will once again create heaven on earth.

Will this happen in your lifetime? That is for you as a whole to decide. It is possible as all things are possible. The choice is yours and yours alone for we cannot interfere in your evolutionary process. That is not allowed nor would be wish to as this is your journey, just as it was ours millions of years ago when we were in your shoes.

Many ask and wonder why we are so elusive. Why don’t we just land on the White House lawn? To be blunt and to the point, you, as a whole, are not ready for such an event! You, as a whole, have been conditioned for decades to believe that we are not real or if we are, we are to be feared. Little green men snatching unsuspecting humans from their beds in the black of night, using anal probes, mutilating your cattle, and stealing your embryos, just to name a few. Our question to you would be, why would you NOT fear us after hearing this all your lives? If we landed on your White House lawn it would cause fear, panic and chaos among you. We are not willing to let that happen. When you are ready, we will land and greet you as family. That is a joyous occasion that we are very much looking forward to.

Many of you ask why we do not communicate with your President or other high officials within your government. We have many years ago but it became quite apparent that those in control did not want you to know of our existence. They felt threatened by us and felt that if you learned about us you would eventually learn about yourselves and come to realize that you have been enslaved and controlled for centuries. Keeping us a secret serves their best interest, not yours.

We have given them technologies in hopes they would use them to give you free and clean energy, clean water and healthy food. But instead they are using them to create weapons to use against each other and you. If they tell you about us then you would eventually learn of these technologies and demand they be used for the good of your people and planet. They will not allow that to happen as there are many who prosper financially by keeping these things secret.

We have learned that giving them these technologies was comparable to giving a child a dangerous toy and asking him to play nice in the sand box. We are monitoring closely to insure they do not destroy you and your planet like other races have before you. We will not let that happen.

Me: Then why don’t you just give the technology to us directly? By “us” I mean someone who will take it and do good with it.

ET: We have tried that on a few occasions but unfortunately these individuals are forced, either by financial ruin, physical threats or even death, to cease and desist. We are no longer willing to sacrifice your lives in this way. These technologies are your birth right, they belong to you but in order to obtain them you have some growing to do.

We wish you to know that you are all very much loved and cherished for the Divine beings that you are. There is not one of you that deserves our love and admiration more than another. Always remember this.

In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.

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