My First Channeled Message

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In August of this year, I was asked to give a presentation on UFOs and ETs to a Meetup group I was a member of. I would be sharing my entire contact story publicly, for the first time.

I was quite nervous about this as I had not officially come out of the ET closet and spoken publicly about my experiences. I had, a couple of years prior, told a condensed version to a small group of people but it was brief and not nearly as detailed as this would be.

In preparation for my speech, I decided to include various channelings from other experiencers into my presentation but something just didn’t feel right about that. I wanted to share messages directly from my own ET family! I had been attempting to channel verbally for several months but was having some difficulties making a clean connection. This lead to frustration and disappointment so I put it on hold for a while.

Several days prior to my presentation, I sent out a thought-message to my ET family asking them to please help me as I really wanted to give my audience a personal message directly from them. They answered my request a couple of days later.

I woke up early in the morning on August 7th with a knowing that I was not ready, on an energetic level, to channel verbally but that they would communicate with me via automatic writing! I was so excited that I immediately jumped out of bed and grabbed my computer and began asking questions…to which they answered!

Here is my first communication with them.


 August 7, 2015

 Me: Ok, so this is my first attempt to contact you via automatic writing. I really need your help. I am going to be speaking publicly about my experiences with you and the messages that you and other ET’s are giving to other experiencers/contactees, like myself. I would very much like for you to communicate with me and answer many questions that I have about myself and my relationship to you, messages that you would like to share with us and explain your take on what’s happening in our world today. Are you willing to do this?

ET: We are always willing to speak to you but you don’t take the time to listen. Part of you is afraid to take this road and we understand your fear. It is not an easy road to take as you will learn, if you chose to take it. All things in life revolve around choices, not just for your species but for all species that exist in your world and outside your world.

Me: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me. I understand I don’t listen and you’re right, I am afraid. I’m afraid that I will be judged and that people will think I am crazy. I’m afraid of what my children and family will think. I don’t want to embarrass them in any way and I’m afraid that choosing to go down this road will cause that to happen. But at the same time, I need to know who I am and why I came here! I need to know that what I have suffered throughout my life was for a purpose, that it has meaning! I am tired of always feeling alone.

ET: You have never been alone, my sister. We have always been with you on your journey. We cautioned you before you took on this human form that it would be a difficult journey but you were determined to take part in this mission and we are very proud of you for doing this.

In order to teach others how to overcome their pain, how to live their life in peace and love and how to truly love themselves and their brothers and sisters, you had to experience the human condition without our interference as that would have tainted your experiences. They had to be “felt” from a human point of view and not from the point of view of your true self. You understood this before taking on the human form. We heard your pleas for help and felt your pains of loneliness but could not intervene to insure a successful mission. This was your wish.

It has not been easy for us to watch our sister suffer the pains you have but we understand that this lifetime of yours is short in comparison to who you really are. We want you to understand this as well. You have always been and will always be in existence. This is true for all humans.

You have a saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. Your life and all the experiences you have had, positive and negative alike, are all small stuff compared to who you are. We understand how absurd this sounds when you think of the atrocities that your species has experienced over thousands of years and we feel your anger at us for saying this. These atrocities have left permanent scars in your human DNA, they are a part of you and they contribute to all the pain and suffering that you feel, that has built up in your cellular memory for many lifetimes. It is part of the human condition and you feel we slap you in the face when we call it “the small stuff”. But it is time for you and thousands of others like you to wake up and see the bigger picture.

You, and millions like you, are here for the experience of being human so you can help wake up others to understanding who they are. All the drama that is playing out on your planet is just that, drama. It is a play to which you are a playing a part. You are having millions of little experiences that are part of a larger experience. The experience of being human. The experience of waking up to who you truly are.

Me: I understand that! I have been saying that to myself and others for years! But I am living this experience and it doesn’t seem like this is just “the small stuff”! I see people killing each other, hating one another, hurting one another, every day and I’m sick of it! I don’t want to be here anymore!!!!!!! I want to come home!!!!! This place is a nightmare!

ET: We understand and can feel your pain and anger. Earth is a planet playing the game of duality, of contrast where there is both positive and negative energies flowing in all directions. Intertwining in and out of itself. That is part of the balance that is necessary to keep the game in motion.

You are always free to leave this game if you wish. You are not a prisoner on this planet of yours. You came of your own free will and you can leave anytime you like. The decision to stay or leave is completely yours and if you chose to leave there will be no judgment on our part. You will be loved and admired as you always have been.

It would not be the first time you have opted to leave before the mission was complete. But you are stubborn and have returned again and again determined to finish the mission to the end. You are much closer this time than any other to finishing and we admire you for that. You are beginning to understand the power that you have to create your experiences instead of letting your experiences create you. That is one more step in your personal evolution that will help bring you to the place you need to be to start your real mission. Helping others to understand how powerful they are as creators of their own life.

Me: Please explain to me who I am.

ET: You know who you are.

Me: I know but I want to hear it from you.

ET: You are a warrior.

Me: I don’t feel like a warrior!

ET: That is because of the role you have taken on at this moment. But if you really look deep inside yourself you will see the warrior that lies within. Remember the time you heard a woman screaming in the parking lot while you were trying to sleep? You were a 51 year old woman running through the parking lot outside your apartment, in the middle of the night and in your night clothes, towards the sound of the screams. You didn’t once think of yourself or your safety. You just needed to help this woman.

What did you do when you found the man holding her down on the ground? You grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him off her. Others stood nearby and did nothing to help but you took action and the woman was released. That warrior has kept you moving forward during all the difficult times in your life. She has kept you safe. She is your protector, she is you.

Me: Tell me more about her.

ET: She is Tarin.

Me: Oh my God! She is Tarin? My son is writing a book and he comes up with many awesome names for the characters. I suggested to him a few times to name one of them Tarin! For some reason that name just keeps coming up in my mind. It didn’t resonate with him so he’s not used it. Lol! But she is Tarin!?! Wow! That is amazing! I knew her name all along!

It’s interesting how close her name is to mine, Terry. Is that a coincidence?

ET: No, that is not a coincidence. The female energy is strong with this name and yours. It was given to your parents but something was lost in the translation but they came close (humor).

Me: That’s funny. Lol! Tell me about her and her mission.

ET: She is part of a group of brave warriors that have taken on the mission of working one on one with the human race. These warriors are very well respected for taking on this task. While we are working with your planet as a whole, these brave souls have chosen to take on human form in order to experience the human condition and to help your race evolve. It takes many lifetimes to accomplish this as there are many experiences to have. Your lifespan is very short so it is necessary to return until they reach a point where they can begin their mission.

We wish to see your planet evolve from the 4th dimension into the 5th but when that will happen is still up to you, collectively. All planets, within your dimension as well as in others, evolve. Some take longer to do this than others. Many taking millions and millions of years. There are those on your planet that say things move very slowly in your time but in actuality they are moving rather quickly, from our perspective. We are very pleased at how well things are progressing for you.

Evolution can be a very painful experience for you personally and for your planet as a whole. There are many things happening at the moment that seem to be negative but in fact are very positive in that they are helping to move things in a positive direction. Your race, as a whole, cannot have peace until they experience chaos. That is how the polarity game is played. How can you truly know sweet unless you have tasted bitter?

But, in order to change your world you must first change yourself. That is why Tarin and the millions of others like her have joined this very important mission. This mission has been going on, in one form or another, since the beginning of your time and will continue until it is complete, until those like you, and those that will come after you, have awakened all the sleeping angels within the human race.

Me: Thank you for all the information.

ET: You are most welcome. We are here for you, always. In Loving Light of the Divine Source, which always surrounds and protects you, we say goodbye.

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