My Mission

My mission consists of the following objectives:

Helping others to remember who they are: We are all on a mission to help raise the consciousness of this planet. Yes, even people who bring negativity, contrast, and chaos to the world. We are waking up by leaps and bounds but we need to push this along so we and Gaia can move into a higher dimension. I hope to help others remember who they are and the role they play in this process.

Teaching others how to change their thoughts: We as humans don’t realize how powerful we are. We (as a whole) don’t understand that we are co-creators. We have the power to not only change our own lives, but society as a whole just by the way we think. We don’t fully comprehend the nature of energy and how every thought we have sends out an energy wave that affects other energy waves around us and beyond. I am still learning about all this myself through practice and I’m here to say, it is powerful stuff! I am creating a life that I never thought was possible for me, just by changing my thoughts! I want to help others to do the same.

Disclosure: I hope that in sharing my story it will inspire others to come out of their ET closets and do the same. Society needs to change the way they think about the existence of life outside this planet. It’s really sad to me that this subject is still looked upon as crazy, conspiratorial, and the like. We should be well beyond this way of thinking at this point! It amazes me that I talk about being connected to an ET lying asleep aboard a space craft and we as a society can’t even acknowledge as a whole that there is life out there besides us!! We are just barely teetering on admitting there might, might, be microscopic life out there! That just blows my mind! It’s like we’re still living in the dark ages.

If we can join together, come out of our closets and speak the truth then we can actually help push this disclosure forward.