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November 11, 2015

In January of this year I listened to a past life regression audio by Hypnotherapist, Dick Sutphen. He is one of America’s leading past life regressionists and his CD takes you very deep into a hypnotic state. I have always been curious about my past lives and thought I would try this out to see where it might take me.

In my head I was thinking I would see myself as a slave in Egypt or a school teacher in the early 1800s. But what I experienced was something quite unexpected!

Before I tell you about this experience, let me give you a little background. I have been regressed a few times over the last 15 years or so. Some in a group setting and three times in private sessions.  Most of these experiences were your normal past life regressions but one in particular (approx. 7 years ago) was different. An acquaintance of mine, who had just become certified as a Hypnotherapist, was asking for volunteers in order to practice her newly learned skill. I had had an ET contact experience back in 1986 and wanted to learn more about what had happened to me so I volunteered hoping she could help me recount more information about this event.

During the regression, I saw something I wasn’t expecting. I saw myself as an extraterrestrial standing on a space craft in front of a large window looking down at Earth. Standing with me was a woman, who I thought at the time was my mother as she had a very maternal feel to her. I had this knowing that we, as a species, were working to help raise the consciousness of planet Earth. I, on the other hand, wanted very much to work one-on-one with humans and wished to live as a human in order to do so. She was cautioning me about doing this and telling me that it would be very difficult. I would have to experience everything human, the good, the bad and the ugly and it would not be easy. I kind of poo-pooed this and assured her that it would be fine. I was young (for an ET that lives a hundred years or more) and had a carefree attitude much like that of a human teenager. Little did I know, she was right!

This regression would set the stage for the one in January of this year, mentioned above. Again, I was not thinking ET, UFO when I started this session. I was thinking along the lines of a normal run-of-the-mill past life regression experience.

During the session, when I reached the level of opening my subconscious eyes and looking at myself and my surroundings, what I saw was quite unexpected! I was again, an ET standing with the same motherly figure I had years earlier. I was getting ready to begin my mission and she was conveying to me her admiration and love. In my knowingness, I was prepared and felt honored and proud to be taking part in this very important volunteer program.

Together, we walked down a long hall towards a very large room as big as an airplane hangar. It was dimly lit but I could see what looked like a pod shaped capsule sitting at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the room. It was just big enough to fit one person. The door was open as we approached and inside was a quite comfortable looking plush seat. There was no instrumentation that I noticed, just the seat. The inside was illuminated with a soft white light but I don’t know where it was coming from as I noticed no light fixtures of any kind.

After climbing in, the door slowly closed. There was a window in front of my face where I could see my teacher/guardian. She was standing in front of me and sending very powerful love energy to me. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was going to be ok and that she would be my guide throughout this mission. I felt her love and admiration and it was an amazing feeling!

I then understood what was about to happen. My body would be going into a state of stasis that would last as long as it took for the completion of the mission. Part of my soul would leave my body and break up into several strands. Each strand would enter a human body, some as babies and some as walk-ins. They would be my past lives and my current life, all happening at the same time. I saw each strand leave my body as streams of light shooting through space towards Earth. It was an amazing sight!!

That was the last thing I saw before I was lead out of the regression by the voice on the CD. When I fully woke and opened my eyes it took a few moments to comprehend what had just happened. Then I started to weep. I felt so many different emotions. I felt blessed, honored, loved, and even, sad to say, unworthy. Right now, as I write this, tears fill my eyes. Could this possibly be true? “I am nobody”, I said to myself. This mission is for someone who is brave, important, a warrior. That is not me. I am a 58 year old woman, divorced, a mother of 4 amazing human beings, who has had a very difficult life. How can I be part of this beautiful, amazing ET being who bravely volunteered to be part of helping humanity?

After I came to my senses I got right on the computer to see if I could find anyone who had had an experience such as mine. The late Delores Cannon has talked extensively about the different waves of volunteers that have come to earth over the last few decades but I had never heard of anyone telling of how the process actually takes place! After much searching I came up with nothing. A few weeks later I met with a friend who does past life work and who studied under Delores Cannons school. I told him what I had experienced and asked if he had ever heard of anyone having this type of experience before. To my surprise he said he had! He said there was a person in my city who shared a very similar experience and that he would attempt to get us together. A couple of weeks later I received an email from this lady and we arranged to meet for dinner. To my shock and surprise, her experience was nearly identical to mine! We have since become good friends and are convinced that we were meant to find one another. I hope to find others like us along my journey.

It took me several months before I could start to process all this. What was I supposed to do with this information? How was I supposed to help humanity if I couldn’t even help myself? That’s where the fun began. Actually, it began four months prior when I lost my job of eight years. Sounds bad but it was actually a blessing in disguise. It freed me up to start focusing on making my life work for me instead of the other way around.

These past 10 months have been a whirl wind of synchronicities, paranormal experiences and eye opening revelations! In addition, I made the very difficult decision to come out of my ET closet and share my story publicly. I opened my life and heart to all possibilities leading me to complete my mission and that in turn, is leading me to various opportunities to connect with others.

Am I special? Yes, we ALL are!! Every human being on the face of this planet (good people and not so good people) made a choice to be a part of this Earth experience. We ALL play a vital role in raising the vibration/consciousness of this planet. You personally may not be connected to an ET lying in stasis aboard a ship but you are just as important!  We are equal partners in this experience, none more important than the other. We are brothers and sisters working together to move this planet forward to the next level.

It’s time to wake up and complete your mission, whatever that may be for you. For me, it is to help others remember who they are so they can get on with their work. To help people understand how powerful we are and how our thoughts and emotions can not only change our lives but change humanity as a whole. And lastly, to push disclosure.

We Contactees/Experiencers (or whatever you want to call yourselves) need to join hands and come out of our closets…tell our stories. It’s time to change the way society thinks about life outside of Earth! Short of ET landing on the White House lawn…which I think would be a very bad idea at this point…it is up to us to make disclosure happen! We sit around and wait for others to do this so we can finally feel safe to come out but it’s not up to others, it’s up to us!

Is it scary? Yes, it is! No one wants to be ridiculed, judged and made fun of. Especially by the people we care the most about, our friends and family. But if we don’t stand together and make this happen it will continue to be something we’ll be waiting for 10 years from now! I for one, am ready to make this happen, now. How about you?

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